Traveling Internationally as a Yoga Teacher

If you are like me, then you love to travel. In fact, over the last few years, I have traveled more than I haven’t. It was through my willingness and freely traveling ability that I was able to certify to become a yoga teacher. Some teachers teach in many different countries within only one year. If you are like me, you may want to know how this is possible.  

I completed my yoga teacher training in Mexico, and through this opportunity, I was able to make friends in Mexico, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, and Thailand. These countries have invited me to teach as a yoga teacher or to stay with them in their homes. Some of them will be doing their own yoga teacher training. Through all of these connections, I have been able to open the door to international opportunities. Recently, I planned a trip to Guatemala. After I booked the flight, I realized that I could look into teaching yoga. After reaching out to a few different yoga shalas around the town I was going to be staying in, I secured some spots available to teach. I was so happy! It made me reflect to consider the following things when traveling internationally as a yoga teacher:

  • Are you traveling for a vacation or as a lifestyle? Many people want to relax and detach when they travel because they view it as a vacation. There is nothing wrong with this. Traveling can become a lifestyle for many people as it has for me. It means that when I am considering where to go, I may not secure yoga work, but I will consider if yoga work is a possibility. Choose if you would want to teach while you are in a particular place.
  • Are you interested in karma service? Some great opportunities through yoga trade websites include free room and board in exchange for teaching classes. It is a great way to travel to many countries internationally as a yoga teacher. It is also a great way to avoid having to apply for work visas or worrying about working in a country without being permitted to. 
  • What is your client market? Do you speak their language? If you are traveling somewhere with a lot of tourism, maybe you want to connect with local hostels or spas to see if you can teach. If you are traveling to an existing community of permanent or semi-permanent residence, you may want to consider advertising yourself for private services or your studio. 
  • Don’t forget your class items. Your favorite yoga pants and yoga shirts are a must. You may want to purchase a thin travel yoga mat and bring some small altar items. Bring a small singing bowl or chimes or any other small items that can help you to create your class at any time and anywhere in the world. 
  • Check out other teachers’ classes if possible. Traveling internationally as a yoga teacher is a great opportunity to explore different styles of yoga and also how language barriers can affect the method of the class. It is common to find classes taught in English all over the world, even when the students all speak different languages

Traveling internationally as a yoga teacher can be a beautiful way to make great connections with fellow teachers and students!

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