6 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm Through Winter Yoga Practice

Winter can make us feel extremely lazy, but practicing yoga throughout the winter season can be beneficial. Yoga isn’t rocket science. Anyone can definitely do it as long as they are careful in performing the poses. These are a few tips on how to keep yourself warm through winter yoga practice.

  • Tip #1: Warm Up With Lukewarm Water

When the temperature drops and we’re cold, our blood circulation decreases. It will not only slow down the effectiveness of our organs but also make our body temperatures lower. Therefore, the constriction of joints and muscles is very common. To warm yourself up before any yoga practice, drink a cup of lukewarm water. It is much more beneficial if you take it first thing in the morning. The cold weather is a perfect reason to practice yoga, because this way, you can increase your natural body heat.

  • Tip #2: Bring The Arms Over Your Head

Yoga poses like Triangle, Warrior Three, and Tree Pose can be used to bring your arms above your head. By raising your arms upward, you are increasing your heart rate and body heat. It is perfect during the winter season because it doesn’t require much to do so. These yoga poses are perfect to work muscles along your spine. 

  • Tip #3: Wear The Correct Clothing

Practicing yoga always means wearing “comfortable and convenient clothes.” But most yoga garments tend to expose the parts of your body that you are trying to keep covered in winter. Warm leggings and fleece-lined leggings are great for winter yoga. Do not opt for a racerback tank as your workout shirt. It will only decrease your natural body temperature and make you feel colder.

  • Tip #4: Practice Heating Inversions

Some heating inversion poses are the HeadStand, Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance) and Hand Stand. If you want to keep yourself warm through your winter yoga practice, you can try these inversions. Make sure your shoulders are already warmed up before you practice these poses. 

  • Tip #5: Maintain Good Breathing

Good breathing techniques will allow you to develop a more stable body temperature. Ujjayi breathing is a technique that helps in developing discipline and concentration. Always inhale and exhale comfortably. It will strengthen the internal organs and diaphragm. It also tones the focus of your mind. 

  • Tip #6: Do Backbend

It is commonly known as a heat-producing element in yoga practice. By doing a backbend, you allow your body to produce more heat. However, we recommend refraining from drinking water. It is because the body will cool down if you decide to drink while performing backbend. If you really need to do it, drink before and after practice. But not while performing backbend.


In A Nutshell

The winter will tempt us into snuggling up on the couch. But it should never stop you from your yoga practice. The winter chill can expose you to lower temperature, which can lead to both sadness and low immunity. If you want better well-being as a whole, keep practicing your yoga even through the winter season.

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