3 Quick and Easy Things to Start Your Day Right

Mornings can be busy and hectic. Whether or not you are a morning person, trying to add in something else to your set routine can be difficult. Overhauling your whole morning schedule to fit in a run, a trip to the gym, and a solid breakfast isn’t all that realistic. Instead, how about looking at little things that are much easier for you to implement.

Nutrition and Hydration

Making sure you have a great morning means making sure your body is getting what it needs to wake up. Your number one need, first thing in the morning, is going to be water. You probably went the last 8 hours or so without any hydration, and this can negatively impact your body. A quick glass of water can boost your mood and start your body’s natural processes. This helps to naturally wake you up.

Food is going to be something else you are going to need shortly after waking up. You don’t need to eat a lot, but a little bite can help settle your stomach, and get you up and running. An apple is a good morning snack, if a full meal isn’t something that works for you. It gives you a boost of natural sugar and has some great fibre to keep full. If you keep a glass of water and an apple on your bedside table, you can get a great start to your day before you even get out of bed. Here are 12 healthiest foods to eat in the morning!


Another great way to get up is to get moving. First thing in the morning, your body is going to be a little cold and stiff, so you want to start with something gentle. A nice, soothing yoga routine can help you start your day. A short yoga routine, even just 5 minutes long, can help get blood moving, reduce muscle and joint stiffness, and set your day up well mentally.

A great morning sequence to try is the Sun Salutation. There are several different variations to this common sequences, so you should be able to find alternatives to any poses if you suffer from some physical limitations. The folds and stretches that come from this group of poses stimulate your body to wake up. It also takes very little time to go through the Sun Salutation, less than 3 minutes. Run through it twice for a 6-minute wake up that takes less time than one push of the snooze button.

A great morning starts with consuming what your body needs, both food and drink, and getting your circulation going. A quick glass of water is your body’s first requirement in the morning. Add on to that a quick piece of fruit to give your body the energy that it needs to start up. Finally, some gentle yoga to stretch and warm your body up, and you are all ready to go. At this point you can certainly go and have a more vigorous yoga session, a run, or a trip to the gym, whatever you are into and have time for; or just get on with the rest of your day, knowing it is off to a solid start.


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